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Christopher Dost, Ph.D.

Dr. Christopher Dost is the Pastor of Northville Baptist Church.  Holding three master’s degrees, as well as a Ph.D. from the Jewish Theological Seminary, he is a specialist in the field of the transmission of the Hebrew Bible, and he is the author of Jesus' Bible: A Concise History of the Hebrew Scriptures and The Sub-Loco Notes in the Former Prophets of Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Additionally, he is trained in numerous ancient and modern languages, including Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, Spanish, and Arabic. Dr. Dost served as a member of the translation team for Accordance Bible Software's Targum English Translation of the ancient Aramaic Bible, and he has contributed to Biblia Hebraica Quinta, the new Hebrew Bible being produced by the German Bible Society. Dr. Dost formerly has served on the Bible faculty at Sacred Heart University, Alliance Theological Seminary, and Seminario Bíblico Alianza in Ecuador, and he currently serves as a visiting instructor at and Bethlehem Bible College (Bethlehem, Palestine) and The Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY). 

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